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The Moodfic Project

by voleuse

8 October 1980
I had an idea one day, to post a ficlet for every mood that LJ provided. I was, um, slow to complete the project. Too many fandoms! Too much to decide! Overload and also, I procrastinate.

See the Idea Done Right:So, there goes that idea. I might keep it up sporadically.

Today, however, I've decided to make this into a fic repository. The archive of all of my fic (probably, if I can find it all), as well as the home of any fic I write in the future.

All the fic posted here is organized by fandom on my fic index and in the memories. I also have everything archived on my website, if you prefer to read in a non-LJ format.

Mood ThemesMy primary LJ is voleuse, but that's generally friends-locked.