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A Remix Rave

Since the remixredux authors are due to be revealed any day now, I should probably talk about the remix I got. Which I said I would, when the archive opened, and I LOVED my story.

Except I am not eloquent about anything when I deliberately want to be, so please take any enthusiasm you find in this post and multiply it by ten. That'll probably be more accurate.

So. About a year and a half ago, I wrote a 500+ word Will/Elizabeth ficlet, called Homecoming, in which Elizabeth returns from her pirate's life and finds Will still at the smithy, a little piqued at having been abandoned by his wife for pirates. Then, they have Teh Sex of Reconciliation.

I had a whole, vague backstory for the ficlet, on the whys and hows and whats, and I fully intended to write it out. Except I didn't, and poor Will and Elizabeth were trapped in their five-hundred-word cycle forever.

Then, remixredux happened, and some BRILLIANT soul took my story and wrote the Down to the Sea Extended Trance Remix.

Extended. As in, longer. As in, THEY WROTE THE BACKSTORY. They somehow infiltrated my brain, sucked out the impressionistic outline of whatever-the-hell-happened, and made it prettier than I could have.

I love my remix. You should, too.

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