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BtVS: Memory Lane (Faith)

Written for BtVS Improv #45: cinnamon--dust--leather--sway.

Title: Memory Lane
Author: voleuse
Fandom: BtVS
Character: Faith
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Dust, cinnamon, and memories.
Notes: Takes place during "This Year's Girl."

The door is locked, but a sharp twist of her wrist fixes that.

Fear of her, or him (certainly not the police) has kept thieves and landlords out, and the apartment is much the same, except for the layers of dust.

The tears in her eyes are from the coughing, she tells herself, adjust to the denser atmosphere.

She steps further inside, the leather of her (stolen) pants skimming against a tabletop. She isn't usually this clumsy.

There's a note on the table, from him. She's read it before--he sent it to her the day before (it all ended).

He sent her a plate of cookies, too. She can almost taste the cinnamon-sugar of theme, but she can't remember what he called them. Something stupid, suburbian.

On the table there's also a frame, a photograph. Of him, and her.

She turns away, and sees her stereo. Clicks it on to some moldy-oldies station. Almost changes it, but doesn't. The song is familiar.

(She heard him humming it once.)

For a second, she closes her eyes, hugs herself, and sways.

For a second, she remembers.

She mourns.


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