July 8th, 2003


oneword: an exercise in freewriting

In between working on the ficlets (Alias drabble coming soon!), I'm also going to stick my One Word freewrites here.

The idea's fun--they provide you with one word, and you have 60 seconds in which to write.

Today's word was flare, and I think I dropped into Jean Grey's persona for a second.

and then the rockets blared over the building and she couldn't stop and stare, there was too much to be worrying about and too much to be doing. there's no time for fireworks when there are bills to pay and children to hide, even though they don't need much protection in the first place. She sees the flares in her mind's eye, and she smiles, remembering when she had time to watch them. Remembering w...

Edited to fix one typo and add ellipses where I ran out of time.
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