June 22nd, 2003



Welcome to The Moodfic Project, my attempt to prod myself into writing.

Basically, I've taken LJ moods, listed them, as well as the fandoms I've written in, and determined to go through them all. Not quite systematically, let's be clear, but I've a table and everything.

So, for example, one day I might write a LotR fic using the mood "recumbent." Another might be an HP fic, in the mood of "indifferent." And so on, and so on.

We'll see where it goes.
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Before it all begins, I've become a paid user, simply because I must have 10 icons and customized moods. Silly me.

I'd better use this thing, then.

First up will be melancholy Xandrew. Then, HP, D/Hr, horny. Because I'm all about the dirtywrong D/Hr.

After that, who knows?
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